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Website Design Newcastle And Gateshead

Website Design in Newcastle, Newcastle, Gateshead & North East based web design

We combine creativity, technology  & experience to enable your business
to communicate consistently, with an appropriate 'tone of voice'.

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Our team of professional web designers, consultants and software engineers work from Newcastle and Gateshead, throughout the North East to deliver software & web technologies, branding and advertising through high impact print, high performance websites and eCommerce systems, television advertising and much more.

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Business Web Applications
Web Application DevelopmentOur business web applications are built to your exact requirements. This public website is backed up by a custom built administration system which allows call-centre staff to place, track and amend orders, manage suppliers, remind customers, send invoices and much more.

"The team at TR10 bring ideas to life and have been vital in the development of the HomefuelsDirect.Com website, even making our call center systems and order management database bespoke to our needs. The after care service we received is fantastic. "

"Homefuels Direct won the category at the business awards on Monday. The website got praised on stage by the host of the evening. A big thank you to you."


Chris Bicknell
Managing Director
Home Fuels Direct

Multi-Media Design
Multi Media DesignTyneside Autoparc is the North East's biggest used car supermarket. TV, radio, newspaper and SEO campaigns running year-round bring 2500-3000 visitors a day to this high performance website, which quickly presents vehicles to the prospective buyer in a retail environment which is flexible, feature-packed and attractive.

Every vehicle page is created automatically by the website with the bare minimum of human involvement. Specifications for each vehicle are automatically compiled from the DVLA, CAP and the finance companies. The site even creates reports and data feeds to third parties such as financiers, insurers and other car sales websites.

"tr10 have done a superb job, our business has doubled in size in the first year thanks to a website which integrates seamlesly with our systems and drives unprecedented sales"

alt Chris Denning
Managing Director
Tyneside Autoparc

Business Database Systems
Business Database Software Development

With over 9,000 products across three depots, a thousand customers and a combined order history of a quarter of a million invoices, Duftons Plumbing & Heating came to us wanting to develop a market leading website, sophisticated sales intelligence system and a comprehensive customer account management system.  This state of the art website makes invoices, order histories, delivery/invoice address management and customer-specific discounts available in a website which is easy to use and fully 'plumber-proof'!

With access to volumes of sales, product and customer data, our software developers have designed and built a web-based sales performance system which pro-activly tracks sales levels for each customer, notifying each depot manager with graphs, charts and email reminders of a potential change in sales volume for any product or product group.

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Wouldn't it be great if....
Business Database Software DevelopmentWe design and build bespoke web-based systems which integrate seamlessly with your business opperations.

We've built systems which handle millions of pounds of vehicle finance for major banks and financiers and high performance order management systems for major national fuel suppliers and retailers.

Our team of software engineers specialise in combining your data and systems with bespoke software to give your businesses significant commercial advantage, lighter admin workload, up-to-the-minute accuracy and versatility.

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