Mazda Financial Services approached tr10 to build a state-of-the-art credit underwriting system to replace a number of spreadsheets and financial tools in use across Europe that had become unwhieldy. Each spreadsheet had significant regional variation to accomodate accounting and legal processes in each country which had made the prospect of building a system, prior to our involvement, prohibitively complicated.

Our experienced team of project managers and developers worked closely with Mazda over a period of months to fully understand the current system, mapping out every aspect, requirement, output, stakeholder and crucially all of the regional variation. With this investment of time to fully comprehend the current method our team were able to propose a system that would give Mazda the very best possible tools, technologies and protections while having the depth of knowledge and understanding to be able to advise the Mazda team on opportunities, simplifications and improvements. The completed system includes sophisticated financial reporting tools, data management & logging, advanced process management, access control, risk management tools, credit control systems and a wide range of advanced features to assist the team at Mazda in making their opearation and processes as robust, accurate, efficient and auditable as possible.