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Brighton SEO & The Future of Search

SEO is an industry that is constantly evolving and changing, at tr10 we put a lot of importance behind being prepared for change. We work hard to ensure that our clients’ websites are well optimised and aren’t at risk of falling fowl of new search engine updates and algorithms. Whilst a lot of insider knowledge and news can be found on blogs, forums and social media it can help to meet with other industry experts and discuss predictions and theories as to the future of search.

Twitter is 10 years old!

Today Twitter celebrates it's 10th Birthday and a lot has changed since the company first began! The social media platform has become embedded in society and it has proved to be an incredibly fast and efficient way of spreading news in emergency situations. We've created this infographic to show you how Twitter has developed and some of it's biggest milestones:

Kielder Register

Design & Innovation

When we created the Kielder Observatory website we added in a load of really cool features that sets it apart from your average website. A sophisticated ticket system, an online interactive calendar, and some really interesting eCommerce shots to name a few.

Designing for a mindset

Designing for a mindset

Design as we know it can really influence your mood.  A lot of people under-estimate quite how much, though.  Colour palettes, font choices, even the way in which a website is laid out or presented, are all contributing factors to how you'll feel whilst taking in the content.  This in itself might be a relatively obvious prospect, but when designing for a specific frame of mind, it can be an interesting journey...

Snapchat Spectacles

Snapchat Spectacles - What's that all about?

It's worth noting up front that I am not an avid user of Snapchat.  I'm sure to some it's a vital part of their Social Media experience as a whole, but I've always found myself thinking "I don't really see the point."  I can send photos and videos over WhatsApp, email ( because I'm old school like that ) and of course trusty old iMessage. But hey, you do your thing, I'll do mine!  Let's do away with preference and discuss what these new shades are all about!

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Product Photography That Sells

Online shops are a relatively common thing these days.  We've all seen them, we've all used them, and we've all been frustrated by them at one point or another.  eCommerce is a large portion of what we do at tr10, setting up online shopping experiences that don't 'just work', but make shopping a seamless experience from start to finish.  That's what we brought to the table at Kielder.

It's Just A Font?

It's Just A Font?

When creating a website, a brand, a corporate identity or an advertisement for your business there’s an awful lot of elements that need to be put together. One that I find can often be overlooked is the choice of font. As a Graphic Designer I’ve always had a healthy interest in Typography and letterforms, and know only too well that the correct choice of font can really make or break a design.

Depiction of a phishing attempt

How to catch a phish!

As people begin to trust websites with more personal information, scammers and fraudsters are developing more sophisticated techniques to steal that information. In this post we’ll explain some of the methods to look out for and how to protect yourself and your data online.

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