Outlook, Hotmail & MSN Email Update - 27 March 2020

Some of our customers are continuing to experience issues when emailing Outlook, Hotmail and MSN email addresses. Our engineers are continuing to communciate with Microsoft to resolve this issue. We'll keep this page updated as we know more.

Yahoo Mail - 24 March 2020

We are aware of an issue sending email to Yahoo domains. They have reported unwanted email from an IP in our range and have temporarily added us to a blocklist. We are working with Yahoo to understand where the unwanted email is coming from and to have our IPs reinstated.

Outlook, Hotmail & MSN Email Update 2 - 23 March 2020

MSN have reported that their AI systems, SmartScreen® and SmartScreen® Filter, are incorrectly blocking emails from our server, but they are unable to see any reason as to why and therefore have removed the block.

The Microsoft AI systems are new and by their own admission are opperating blind. We're seeing reports of this new technology misfiring regularly, causeing significant disruption for users around the world.

This process may take up to 48 hours to fully resolve although the situation is likely to improve relatively quickly from 16:00, Monday 23rd March and our engineers will keep a close eye on things in the meantime.

Outlook, Hotmail & MSN Email Update - 23 March 2020

Working with Microsoft our engineers have identified a DNS/SPF configuration issue relating to the recent upgrades of one of our servers and are taking action to resolve this. Once a fix is in place it may take up to 24 hours for the new DNS to fully propogate, during which time services should return to normal. Customers should be aware that full resolution will happen at different times throughout this period depending on the network, device or systems involved so if one device begins to work but another doesn't, please wait for the full period before reporting a fault.

Outlook, Hotmail & MSN Email - 20 March 2020

Some customers have reported issues delivering email to networks owned and opperated by Microsoft, including Hotmail and MSN accounts over the last few days. We're working continuously with Microsoft to resolve these issues and will post further updates here shortly.

Network Load - 19 March 2020

Due to the recent COVID-19 outbreak we have had reports from a wide variety of sources that all national broadband and 3/4G networks have experienced very high load conditions, connectivity problems, reduced speeds and intermittent connections as entire populations reconfigure for home working and consume more entertainment media.

If you experience any of these issues please try to bear in mind that this is an unprecidented situation which national infrastructures are working hard to adapt to and for the time being we urge everyone to be patient and understanding.

Trusting Certificates - March 2020

One of our servers requires email users to "Trust" the server certificate on an annual basis. We're working to remove the need for this but in the meantime, if you're shown a message asking for you to trust the certificate, simply click "Advanced", "Show Details" or "View Certificate". You'll then be shown a dropdow box, select "Alway Trust" and emails should return to normal. You may have to follow this process once for receiving emails and once for sending emails. If you have trouble with this process please feel free to contact the support team.