At the core of any eCommerce system is a payment gateway you can rely on, after all what’s the point in trying to sell a product if the customer can’t pay for it?

When the PCI Security Council announced that all websites taking card payments must use the newer security protocol of TLS 1.2 or above to continue taking payments, there was a lot of confusion surrounding the announcement.

A first announcement proposed a deadline in 2016, which was quickly pushed back to June 2018. Combine this with a hugely varied range of dates announced by finance houses, many were left clueless about what they needed to change and when. The only certainty at this point was that if you weren’t ready, you could lose business.

At times like these, having a digital partner who knows your business really makes a difference. At tr10 we began by outlining all clients that could be potentially effected and contacted them to make them aware of the upcoming deadline, and our proposed solution.

Most banks did send out warnings about the upcoming changes to their customers, but these warnings were jam-packed with technical jargon and it’s not surprising that the importance of the message passed a lot of users by.

Big changes don’t always need to have complicated or costly solutions! For most of our clients effected we offered a small package of work to move them to a newer TLS 1.2 compliant server and set timelines to ensure the move was completed and tested before the deadline set by their payment gateway.

If there’s something causing you a headache with your current system, or you’d like to swerve any potential bumps in the road please get in touch.