Well here it is, the last edition to the Password Security journals! Part 1 talked mainly about hackers and the threats they pose and Part 2 revealed some more than handy defence methods.  Now, I would like to share with you some extra advice and tips to make sure that you remain safe and stay on the right track!!

What not to do!!

Now there are certain procedures that I would advise you to follow at all times when dealing with passwords.  First of all, I strongly recommend that you never write down your creations anywhere as they could so easily be used against you by anyone who has a motive.  Instead, I would create a system for remembering your password that is completely unique to you, just like the phrase idea that I talked about earlier.  Yes, passwords should be kept strictly to yourselves, so it is never a good idea to send them to others in emails or to give them out to anyone over the phone.  Make sure that when you use electronic devices, you disable the auto complete for any user names and passwords you have been using.  Always avoid using the same password for everything as if it is cracked then all of your accounts will be at serious risk.  Also I would clear the cache after using any kind of public PC or device that requires your passwords.  It always helps to stay ahead of the game as it only takes once for you to fall victim to an assault from a hack if you’re not careful with your security details!!

Final Thoughts...

Well just to round a few things up for good measure and to make sure that you remember some of the key factors in creating a strong password, I will leave you with these few helpful points.  Always involve a mixture of upper and lowercase letters, numbers and symbols in your passwords and try to stay away from any repeated characters or patterns that could make your passwords more predictable to the average hacker!  For example, if your password looks anything like a dictionary word or a name with certain significance to it, then it is very likely that it could be hacked quickly by anyone with the means to do so.  It’s really important to pay careful attention to your security with regard to any password or username, as you never know who is out to get you, so take as much caution as you can and help keep them hackers at bay!!!