Most of us at some point in our lives will have experienced the inconvenience of losing certain data by forgetting to back it up!  Now hopefully you haven’t lost anything too important but there is always the chance that this could happen if the right precautions aren’t put in place to help protect your data.  This makes backups essential for any business as saving time and money is imperative, as is having adequate security against malicious hackers.

A great way to start is to keep your backups offsite, so do not put them on the same server as your website!  Off-site backups help protect against hardware failures and keep your data stored safely away from the hands of attackers.

It is always best to make sure your backups are fully automated, as it can be way too easy for people to forget to perform them manually.  Automating backups guarantees that they will be made and will keep you up to date if you set them to occur regularly enough.

To be extra safe you should also make backups of your backups!  This may sound like a bit of a nuisance and yet even more work for you to do but think how much work you may have to redo if a backup decides to fail!  Yes, keeping data backed up as much as possible is only going to save you from hassle if something does go wrong but please make sure that you test your backups so you are 100% positive that they are working efficiently!

Well hopefully now you will have an understanding of backups and how important they are for any business.  Not only do they keep your data safe and secure, they also save much time and money as well as preventing unnecessary amounts of stress whilst instead providing much needed piece of mind!