Today, we learned that the website we built for has just hit the #1 review spot for best website in their industry! The review of their eCommerce site was carried out by Heating Oil Provider, and focussed on several criteria, such as website usability and style, amongst others.

We started working with HFD back in 2011, and converted their spreadsheet and email based operation into a comprehensive website with a fully integrated back office sales and management system, including bespoke software for order processing and supplier management, and more. This created a truly scalable platform for them and has allowed them to grow at a rapid pace.

Ever since, we have been continuously upgrading and improving the website, implementing both their ideas and our own, to make sure the website and software evolve with the business and keep HFD at the top of their game.  One of the best examples of the bespoke website functions that we built for this project is the automated SMS delivery update component, whereby the ecommerce system automatically sends SMS updates to customers that are waiting for a delivery, and even sends them the name of the delivery driver!

It's because we take this long term relationship approach with our clients that we are able to continue to add value long after the website is first designed and developed.

Who's for Champagne?