As part of the planning for the launch of our new site we wanted to get some unique photos that capture not just who we are but what we are about!  With this in mind, we decided to grab some “essential” supplies and head off toward the wonderful Northern coastline of Blyth, Northumberland.

A fun night was definitely had by all to say the least with a number of entertaining, teambuilding activities on the go!  Many laughs were shared whilst gathering the shots for the team photos as well as a selection of individual snaps, which involved a certain degree of amateur modelling!  The evening was topped by our very own tr10 beach barbeque that carried on into the night with a range of tasty meat based snacks...ideal!

We even managed to roast a few marshmallows before the fire went out which combined nicely with the beautiful sunset over the shore’s horizon.  The dark then allowed us to get a little creative again with the use of some sparklers and a touch of photographic skill! Although the event may have differed slightly to that of a California Tech Company’s beach party, (more like us huddling round the fire to keep warm!) it was every bit as fulfilling an experience which was enjoyed thoroughly by the whole gang!!!