Hello, I'm your brand... I work as an ambassador for your company, speaking clearly across a noisy room for you, while whispering thoughtfully to nearby admirers. I'll be the busiest member of your workforce, joining everyone's conversation to make sure your business is always at the forefront of people's minds.

It may seem odd to think about your brand as a person, but it really helps to consider it in these terms. Your brand has a 'personality' if you like, character traits which transpose, in your customer's eye, to every aspect of your business.

Designing, or re-designing a brand is a process that involves a mixture of creative and pragmatic thinking. There are several steps in the progression from draft to final design, starting with an in-depth chat about your business, your customers and your objectives.

We prepare a selection of rough logo concept layouts, the number can vary to suit your budget, but we always try to provide a good selection based on consultation with you and our experience. We then discuss these draft designs with you, noting any changes you'd like to see while consulting on the development of the design(s). If you'd like to see any modifications, variants or even completely fresh set of drafts we simply repeat this step until you are completely happy.

The final step of the process is the preparation of the master logo for general use, in a wide variety of formats and sizes, ready for the variety of media to which your brand may be applied. A brand reference sheet can also be supplied, which helps to ensure that your brand is presented consistently as it is a powerful tool for optimising brand effectiveness. This document specifies how the logo should be used, and with which colours, fonts etc.