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Points of interest, musing, rambling and the occasional outright rant...

Some thoughts of ours that we thought you might find useful, pour yourself a coffee and enjoy.

Seedling growing in a handful of soil

Life after the Mobile Apocalypse

The mobile-friendly apocalypse came and went, and similarly to having watched a b-rated holywood disaster film, we were all left feeling largely underwhelmed.

So much activity, so much hype... and yet so little change.  So what's going on?

A cyber criminal performing a password hack on a laptop

Password Security and why it’s so Important Part 3

Well here it is, the last edition to the Password Security journals! Part 1 talked mainly about hackers and the threats they pose and Part 2 revealed some more than handy defence methods.  Now, I would like to share with you some extra advice and tips to make sure that you remain safe and stay on the right track!!

An Iphone surrounded by fire representing the apocalypse

Mobile Apocalypse!

Judgement day has been set.  The Four Horsemen of Google will ride on April the 21st, 2015, and forever change the rank and order of websites on their search results pages.  

Yes, it’s another Google Algorithm, but this time there’s no fluffy animal name to take the sting out of the tail.  Instead, they are giving us a no-nonsense, ‘compliant’ or ‘non-compliant’ test to identify and prioritise all websites that are considered to be (by Google) mobile-friendly.

A login screen showing on a laptop

Password Security and why it’s so Important Part 2

Lets be deadly serious for a second and ask our selves a question, how strong really are the passwords that we use to protect our electronic devices?  Now this is a question that is often overlooked, as we tend to think that we know best and that the details we provide will be secure enough to keep our devices safe and sound.

A hand typing password security details into a laptop

Password Security and why it’s so Important Part 1

Passwords – we all hate them! Annoying, hard to remember, capitols, numbers, symbols…. argh! Unfortunately, though, there are so many hackers out there, looking for data to steal and sell, or identities to exploit, or companies to sabotage, or simply trying to cause havoc, that secure passwords have become that most necessary of evils, both at home and at work.

A man and woman sitting next to illuminated letters that spell party

Let the Drinks Flow!

Congratulations are in order for our fantastic client Coco luminaire, who recently became national winners at the 2015 Wedding Industry Awards.  The event and wedding prop hire company were named as the Best Wedding Special Touch across the nation, following a previous win of the title regionally in November 2014.  The award was handed to them at the world famous Café de Paris nightclub, located in the West End of London.

A range of items that could be used for digital marketing

What’s the Scoop on Digital Marketing???

Electronic devices seem to have taken over the world as we know it, or should I say used to know it. Smartphones are everywhere now, along with tablets, game consoles, personal computers and many more new age items.  The fact of the matter is that people have become susceptible to digital marketing whether they like it or not.  It has become embedded within our technologies using platforms such as, social networking sites, e-mail accounts, websites and the ever-more popular apps, that are there for you to download with the simple click of a button.

A criminal wearing a balaclava and holding a torch has access to a laptop

Prevent Cyber Criminals from Infiltrating Your Social Networks!

Many of you may be aware by now that there are numerous amounts of ‘spearfishing’ villains out there, and that these days you have to be extra careful when using sites like LinkedIn and Facebook.  But did you know that these online crooks are now taking things a step further and actually spending the time to create fake profiles, which are then used for collecting other users’ data and information?

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