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7 Top Tips for Social Media

Social Media has developed to become an invaluable marketing tool. Whether your business is just starting out or if you’re trying to grow to your business social media is a really useful and low cost marketing platform. For this post we’ve compiled 7 Top Tips that we hope will help you become successful at social media marketing.

tr10 software engineer writing code for bespoke software

Automating the Future

Are you in a constant struggle with longwinded administrative processes on a regular or daily basis?  Do actions like these cause you to spend inconvenient amounts of time away from important fee earning tasks?   Could you increase your capital and develop your business further if you had more time on your hands to do so?  If so then it may be worth investing in bespoke software to automate repetitive processes and get your computer earning its keep, saving both time and money.

Off site backups being made to help protect against hardware failures and data loss

The Smarter Ways of Performing Your Backups

Most of us at some point in our lives will have experienced the inconvenience of losing certain data by forgetting to back it up!  Now hopefully you haven’t lost anything too important but there is always the chance that this could happen if the right precautions aren’t put in place to help protect your data.  This makes backups essential for any business as saving time and money is imperative, as is having adequate security against malicious hackers.

Pound coin stacks represent that successful websites earn businesses money

What makes a website successful?

Well first of all lets start by talking about what a successful website actually is!  You see, times have changed and technology is constantly improving, particularly where websites are concerned.  No longer are they just another tick-in-the-box requirement on the company checklist!  In order for a site to be triumphant in today’s modern age, it needs to be generating leads and making money by drawing in relevant traffic.  Yes, a successful website is one that creates good, firm revenue for your business!

tr10 team at beach on coastline of Blyth Northumberland

TR10 Beach Party Blog

As part of the planning for the launch of our new site we wanted to get some unique photos that capture not just who we are but what we are about!  With this in mind, we decided to grab some “essential” supplies and head off toward the wonderful Northern coastline of Blyth, Northumberland.

A selection of Apple Watches bringing a new dimension to portable communication

What does the Apple Watch mean for the future of websites???

Apple’s latest communication device, the Apple Watch, brings a new dimension to portable communication.  The watch officially went on sale throughout stores on the 26th June, although it became available to purchase online on the 24th April with pre-orders dating back to the 10th April.

Seedling growing in a handful of soil

Life after the Mobile Apocalypse

The mobile-friendly apocalypse came and went, and similarly to having watched a b-rated holywood disaster film, we were all left feeling largely underwhelmed.

So much activity, so much hype... and yet so little change.  So what's going on?

A cyber criminal performing a password hack on a laptop

Password Security and why it’s so Important Part 3

Well here it is, the last edition to the Password Security journals! Part 1 talked mainly about hackers and the threats they pose and Part 2 revealed some more than handy defence methods.  Now, I would like to share with you some extra advice and tips to make sure that you remain safe and stay on the right track!!

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