Electronic devices seem to have taken over the world as we know it, or should I say used to know it. Smartphones are everywhere now, along with tablets, game consoles, personal computers and many more new age items.  The fact of the matter is that people have become susceptible to digital marketing whether they like it or not.  It has become embedded within our technologies using platforms such as, social networking sites, e-mail accounts, websites and the ever-more popular apps, that are there for you to download with the simple click of a button.

Products are constantly promoted through means of electronic media, which can include television, radio, SMS and even banner advertising.  There are of course certain underlying benefits that result from such methods, hence why marketers are so very keen to go digital.  The main advantage is that digital channels leave behind data trails, allowing for accurate recordings of the return of investment in real time.  Digital marketing is also available on a 24/7 basis making it easier to follow what people are saying, what their interests are, and more importantly what they are spending their cash on!!  This allows marketers to tailor their brands especially for their customers, with personalised communications from social media that feeds them the relevant information.

However, there are indeed certain challenges that must be overcome in order to succeed within the digital market.  One of the major contributors is the proliferation of digital channels.  It is imperative for marketers to have consolidated views of customers’ current expectations and preferences across all channels.  This allows for complex customer relationships to be forged and managed with well-placed, consistent and coordinated customer experiences.  All of this is essential due to the stiff competition within the marketplace. That’s right, the competition is massive these days, which is no surprise at all when you look at how cost-effective digital channels are compared to traditional methods like direct mail and print.

Knowing your customer better than your competitors is the way to succeed in the current market (which we happen to be experts at!!) Time must be spent extracting the relevant information from the big data trails that are left behind from all of the digital channels being used.  Now, results can be achieved all round by using such specific methods as online behavioural advertising, influencer marketing and market segmentation.  The trick is definitely to stay ahead of the game as digital marketing is developing so quickly and times are constantly changing.

At the moment, content is king and mobile traffic is taking over along with data-driven marketing campaigns and vastly connected marketing channels.  The future is likely to contain a multitude of new areas for marketers due to altering trends, so again it is of top priority to stay focused and keep up with all new developments!!!