Like traditional advertising, more exposure in the marketplace means more customers. While there is a place for traditional advertising in support of a website, the real gains in customer numbers come from activity called Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Digital Marketing. Digital Marketing has many advantages over traditional marketing, for example a newspaper advertisment for a niche product will mostly be read (or ignored) by people who aren't likely to be customers. With digital marketing we can select specific groups of people; age, gender, interests, past purchases, political views, income level... you get the idea, then speak drectly to those people and only those people. Using this approach your advertising budget can be very finely targeted, giving you the maximum value for money and impact.

Search engine optimisation is a process of analysis and improvement where we look at every possible aspect of a website to ensure that it presents the best possible result to search engines to maximise the chances of your site showing at the top of search listings. Thousands of factors affect how search engines decide which sites to put at the top of the list. By continuously improving your website, giving it every possible edge over your competitors we can over time push your site to the top of page one.

By developing a strategy, combining SEO, Digital Marketing and a number of other techniques we can help your business to be found by more customers and succeed online.